I've always been fascinated by "Experts". People who have spent their whole life gaining knowledge in a certain discipline. The amount of time they've spent developing ideas and workarounds, while learning the ins and outs of their field. 

Have you ever throught of yourself as an expert? A Guru if you will? Someone that has so much knowledge on a particular topic that it's exploding out of you and you just need to talk to someone about it? Well maybe it's time to sell that knowledge. Have you considered bottling it up in an easy to follow package and marketing it to the mass of people interested in what you have to say?

Probably not but... 

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So I’m reading a book called the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. I think it’s a great book for anyone in business or thinking of starting a business. It’s has a few good motivational stories and really keeps coming back to the mantra: "stop thinking about it and just do it". There are a ton stories of regular people starting side businesses that become largely successful. I want to touch on one of the chapters today and give you a little motivation for the coming week. Click on Read More and I'll see you after the jump.

Producing quality content by far has been a major challenge for many marketers and businesses. In his book All Marketers Are Liars, Seth Godin paints the picture of using stories that your audience can relate to, in order to develop an emotional connection with them. Today’s blog post covers some tips from one of the best story tellers in the hip hop industry who has made his way to the top by simple and straightforward expression of thought and experiences. Yes, there is lot to learn from the Eminem’s art of storytelling.

So here’s what we have learned from Eminem’s rapping.

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This week we had a great podcast. It went a little long (about an hour) but it's a great listen, or if you have the time, a decent watch. We're still working out some of the kinks, but we're getting a little more familliar with the format and I think you can tell we had a lot more fun this week. 


On our last two podcasts we discussed the importance of Marketing Attribution and the role it plays in understanding the consumer decision making process. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Marketing Attribution in a nut shell is to define values to various marketing channels that contribute to the consumer’s decision making and buying process.

So we're at it again. We've made another podcast. Actually this is our second attempt in the new office. Tyler, Sandeep and I are looking forward to and are excited about presenting a new marketing / business podcast each week going forward. Take a look and or listen and let us know what you think. 

Click Here for direct link: think-big-studios-podcast-week-of-sept-9th-2013

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