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To most, that statement doesn’t even make sense. How can narrowing your market, expand your profits?

Another load of that marketing mahewy I tells ya.

That’s right, it’s a counter intuitive statement, that needs to be justified before it makes any sense. By narrowing your message and narrowing who your custoemers are, you can market better and you can serve them better. It is by far the best way you can mark.... 

I like watching the elections.

More specifically I like watching the marketing and propaganda machines at work behind each of the parties campaigns. The tactics and strategies each use to sway the population into voting for them. 

Or you know, against their challenger. 

Today I want to drop some knowledge and psychology on you regarding the latest social media blow up... The full page yellow newspaper ad, put out by the conservatives last week.

It's not what you think it is, and I want to explain why.

Click Read More and I'll get into the secrets behind it. 

There’s no more important business tip, than to learn what’s holding us back.

Over the last year, I’ve been getting more in depth with what really makes a good entrepreneur. What makes people successful and what sets the entrepreneur apart from the rest of their friends and family.

I figured that if I can learn this, I can use that to help all of our clients who want to be better business owners and entrepreneurs.

You know how they say that if you want to be successful you should...

Start with a Cliché… haha Unless you’ve been marketing under a rock, you’re heard about Webinars and how well they work for educating, training and converting customers to paying clients. This works for both Online as well as Brick and Mortar stores. Just like blogs, videos, audios and info graphics, it’s another tool in your content marketing arsenal.

If you want to learn what makes webinars such a great tool when it comes to connecting with customers, click think link like a champ. Click it Hard!

If you poke around with this internet marketing stuff long enough (like 5 minutes) you’re more than likely going to run into someone telling you that you need to be building your email list.

If you’ve spoken with us, I’m sure we’ve already told you the same. It’s one of the most important steps you can take when building your brand and relationships online.

We're adamant about building email lists. Follow us through the rabbit hole for a serious primer on how you can start building your email subscriber lists. 

Ok so here’s the scoop, Chandelle and I are in Boise this week, beefing up our online marketing knowledge with Russel Brunson. We’re kickin’ it old school, by actually showing up to learn in person, rather than via online courses and ebooks.
We’ll be upping our knowledge on funnels, blogging, marketing automation and how we can best help of all our amazing clients, grab the online world by the horns and show it what’s what.
Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting blogs, videos and social media content to keep you guys up to date.

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