Wow it’s been a busy summer around Think Big. We started off with Profit in the Prairies, we hired a new developer (Aaron) who has been an amazing addition to the team, my wife, kids and I moved out to the country and Tyler was awesome at coordinating the move to the new office. On top of that we’ve been working with amazing clients and trying to get out of the office and enjoy the warm weather.

It’s a whirlwind and it’s fantastic.

Even though the summer has been so busy I’ve been working hard staying on top of our online training and attempting to get through a few books.

Click the link and I'll walk you through a couple amazing books to get you on your path to succes.

See that thing to the left. That’s a QR Code.  Have you ever used one? Would you even know how to use one? If you do use them are you an end user or simply plastering them on posters or on your business cards, billboards or worse, on your websites.

When I say use one I’m talking about actually being an end user,  taking out your phone,  scanning one and following the link it provided.


2015 is the year of online training, building courses, taking courses, and selling courses. Never have we had the opportunity to easily learn from experts from all over the world as we have now. 

II'ts going to be the largest year for online training and education ever? Not surprising, next year will be bigger. 

However, if you're interested in getting your piece of this $100 billion dollar industry then shout HECK YEAH! and get excited because I've put together a quick primer on the infrastructure of building a course. This is the first in a series, so stay tuned as today we touch on available options, in future emails I'll post more information on the nuts and bolts of creating a great online course that you can use to train your staff, or use to build your online business. 

Click the link to get started. 


Do you Know the difference between SEO and SEM ?

What techniques are you using to generate traffic and leads? 

While SEO is a long term strategy, SEM can make the difference in getting found today vs 3 months from now. 

 You've Probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but do you know why SEO is so important to your website's success? 

As part of our Ask Us Anything series, we've answered a few of your questions about SEO.
Clik Read More to dive in. 
If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between your domain name and your hosting, I’ve put together a detailed description of each and why both is important when it comes to your online marketing.

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