Start with a Cliché… haha Unless you’ve been marketing under a rock, you’re heard about Webinars and how well they work for educating, training and converting customers to paying clients. This works for both Online as well as Brick and Mortar stores. Just like blogs, videos, audios and info graphics, it’s another tool in your content marketing arsenal.

If you want to learn what makes webinars such a great tool when it comes to connecting with customers, click think link like a champ. Click it Hard!

If you poke around with this internet marketing stuff long enough (like 5 minutes) you’re more than likely going to run into someone telling you that you need to be building your email list.

If you’ve spoken with us, I’m sure we’ve already told you the same. It’s one of the most important steps you can take when building your brand and relationships online.

We're adamant about building email lists. Follow us through the rabbit hole for a serious primer on how you can start building your email subscriber lists. 

Ok so here’s the scoop, Chandelle and I are in Boise this week, beefing up our online marketing knowledge with Russel Brunson. We’re kickin’ it old school, by actually showing up to learn in person, rather than via online courses and ebooks.
We’ll be upping our knowledge on funnels, blogging, marketing automation and how we can best help of all our amazing clients, grab the online world by the horns and show it what’s what.
Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting blogs, videos and social media content to keep you guys up to date.

Do you want to be on everyone's mind? Do you want to make sure everyone is thinking about you when they need your product or service? How do you do that? 

I have an answer for you, It's the number one way top marketers and businesses are attracting customers and turning cold prospects into Hot Leads who buy. 

It doesn't matter if you're online business, or a brick and mortar store, The following tip is going to help you...

“The point of advertising is to make money so you can do more advertising.”

Seems simple enough doesn’t it. We do advertising so we can make sales, so we can afford to attract more customers and do more sales.

The complicated part, it seems is figuring out how much you should realistically be spending on advertising each year. Especially if you’re just...

Wow it’s been a busy summer around Think Big. We started off with Profit in the Prairies, we hired a new developer (Aaron) who has been an amazing addition to the team, my wife, kids and I moved out to the country and Tyler was awesome at coordinating the move to the new office. On top of that we’ve been working with amazing clients and trying to get out of the office and enjoy the warm weather.

It’s a whirlwind and it’s fantastic.

Even though the summer has been so busy I’ve been working hard staying on top of our online training and attempting to get through a few books.

Click the link and I'll walk you through a couple amazing books to get you on your path to succes.

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