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Client Reviews - Have Your Clients Build Trust For You.

Dec 6, 2011 by: Jason Orban
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Selling yourself, your business and your website all involve trust these days. Gone are the days where you could just market to the masses, throw out word of a sale and expect customers to come flocking in. New Customers these days all rely on testimonials and customer reviews to help them make a decision on where to eat, play, buy, shop and sleep. You need to build trust with your customers and an easy place to start is with your current customers and their testimonials.

I know we’ve talked about testimonials in the past, but something just occurred to me. It was while I was eating at a new burger joint 5 Guys here in Regina. They just opened their doors last month, but the reputation that preceded them was pretty outstanding. In addition to their fresh food, free peanuts and energetic atmosphere their walls are plastered with articles, reviews and testimonials of their customers. They even have a large cork board where everyone can take a crayon and write a note about their experience at 5 Guys.

This really took hold when I realized just how we can all use more authentic customer reviews and testimonials in our business. Nothing says how good you are more than the praise and comments of your fans. Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing a note left by someone you know saying how amazing the food and service was. How much impact that would have on you? You would be pretty happy with your decision to eat there, and possibly leave your own note if the place lived up to your expectations.

Real comments, from real people, is what prospective clients want to see. I was just reading a book called “The Ultimate Marketing Guide” and he describes a car salesman (the lowest trusted people in business) who out sold all his competitors, because he was able to build trust in his customers before they even spoke with him. In his office, he had every picture of every person he had ever sold a car to, posted on the wall. They were all organized by their relationship to one another. If you looked you could see yourself with your first car, your second car, your wife’s car, you wife’s brother’s car and his accountants car. All testimonials without words.

How could your business benefit from posting pictures of your clients or articles or notes posted by your customers? How could that be used to build trust?

You don’t need to stop with posting testimonials or pictures in your office, you can post them on your website, on facebook , in your social marketing and advertising. Have you customers speak for you and let them tell the world how good you are.


Jason Orban is Owner the Creaitve Director at Think Big Studios. A Website Design and Marketing firm in Regina Saskatchewan.


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