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Stop "Lying" - Post Reviews That are Taken Seriously

Nov 5, 2011 by: Jason Orban
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I am a member of a local entrepreneurial group which meets once a week and discusses various items which matter to business owners. The topic of testimonials came up during our last meeting and a few members in the group stated that testimonials are unreliable and so easily faked that they’re not worth putting on your site.

My thought is that testimonials can be good if presented properly. Putting testimonials on your site can make skeptical clients question whether the testimonial is legitimate. A good option is to have your clients place their testimonials on an external site which isn’t related to your company. I’m talking about business review sites such as They allow anyone to leave reviews of their experiences with your company. They are also and excellent place for you to ask your clients to leave a positive review, this gives your clients testimonial a huge boost in legitimacy because it is then something that you haven’t posted.

Having said all this here is a review I recieved from one of our clients this week. I took an image of the email and posted it on facebook. I think this is a fun way to post a testimonial which gives it a fair amount of legitimacy.

What are some other fun ways to post testimonials that don’t leave potential clients questioning whether you’re really that good.


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