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What's Your Message and What Medium are You Using?

Oct 31, 2011 by: Jason Orban
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In college I had an instructor who you could tell was very much a child of the 60’s and 70’s. He would wear round rose coloured sunglasses stand at the front of the class and say stuff like the Medium is the Message and Nutty Pancakes. In one of our audio classes we spent a week chanting and humming with OHMMMS and EEEEEEEES which really was interesting.

The one thing I keep remembering back to though is the “The Medium is the Message”, it was a quote from Marshal McLuhan a Canadian educator, philosopher and scholar. The Medium is the Message means that the medium that you’re using to display your message embeds itself and creates a symbiotic relationship with the message and influences how the message is received (got that from Wikipedia). I can see that. A hand written letter you receive in the mail carries a lot more meaning than something that has been typed and signed. Someone speaking to you personally carries more weight than seeing an address on Tv. Reading something on an iPad feels different from reading it in a newspaper although the copy is the same. How and where your message is presented carries different tones and meanings.

A project we’re currently working on is the animation for the website for Dan Roam’s new book “Blah blah blah”. In the first animation that we have incorporated into his video, Dan speaks about managing your meaning. Is your message clear? Are you muddying the waters and confusing people by introducing buzz words and fluff to a message that could be straight forward? Our medium is any device with internet access. Digitally streaming content to wherever you may happen to be. If you’re interested in what Dan has to say follow this link to his website where you can view our latest animation and take a look at his books. “Blah blah blah”, “Unfolding the Napkin” and “The Back of the napkin” (which we animated as well).


Jason Orban is the Owner and Art Director of Think Big Studios. A Website Design company in Regina Saskatchewan.


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